Townhall Meetings

Over the next several months, the team at Transformation Jacksonville will conduct a series of vision casting town hall gatherings in support of our mission to facilitate a unified movement that demonstrates God’s love for the city. Our vision – to reach every heart and home with a demonstration of the transforming power of the gospel – will be supported by a citywide strategy focused on where we live, where we learn, where we work, and where we play.

The Loving Our City To Life campaign will invite individuals, organizations, institutions, and community leaders to partner together in the following areas:


Efforts will encourage a variety of prayer and outreach initiatives, featuring such tools as Bless Every Home, to support neighborhood-based prayer evangelism and adoptions of homes. Collaborations will also support efforts to address key areas like homelessness, crime prevention, and the restoration of broken families.

SCHOOLS…Where We Learn

Initiatives will support local schools through organized workdays, on-campus prayer, school safety, expansion of faith-based partnerships, and various after-school programs focused on literacy and academic success.


Will involve marketplace driven partnerships with local employers, marketplace ministries, and civic leaders that focus on ethics and values, employability skills, financial literacy, and service excellence in a variety of workplace settings.


Will support efforts to provide clean, safe places for children and adults to play while promoting healthy lifestyles, involving a coalition of local churches, organizations, government and professional sports teams.